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Glamour Pads


Never has a breast pad been so attractive!


Each pack contains 40 pads of three different colours  14 x black, 14 x white, 12 x nude.


Trialled and tested by mums, used by celebrities across the world.  

These Glamour pads have glowing independent reviews!


  • Bra cup shaped, so sits discreetly.

  • Adhesive strong glue backing keeps pads in place

  • Lace shaped top edge, made to look like underwear.

  • Absorbent - each pads holds up to 80mls of liquid

  • Waterproof and colour tight backing material, so no leaking or colour marks

  • Cotton inner, so they sit gently and soft against tender skin

  • Individually wrapped, so sterile, hygienic and convenient to take out and about

Glamour Pads Box

Glamour Pads Box

Glamour Pads | Skin, White & Black

Glamour Pads | Skin, White & Black

Glamour Pads Box & Pads

Glamour Pads Box & Pads

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