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About Sunbury Nursery Furniture

Sunbury Nursery Furniture is Australia’s leading supplier of quality cots, change tables and other nursery furniture.


We are an energetic company with an enthusiasm for good furniture design, durability, functionality and most importantly safety.


Established over 40 years ago, Sunbury originally began its operations in Maryborough, Australia. Sunbury now distributes to hundreds of leading retailers across Australia.


While other nursery furniture manufacturers may be concentrating on how to make lots cheaper, 

Sunbury has been and continues to focus on how to make children’s furniture safer and stronger.

Meet our friendly team

Michael Brady


As Managing Director, Michael has the tenacity and vision to ensure Sunbury remains Australia’s leading supplier of nursery furniture.


With a background in finance and commerce Michael’s impressive career has seen him work around the globe with a myriad of business clients so he knows what makes businesses tick.


He holds a steadfast commitment to customer service and will often be heard answering the phone or visiting Sunbury stockists personally to keep in touch with his customers.

Fiona Brady


Director Fiona Brady combines her knowledge from being a mother of two young boys with her wealth of experience in health, business planning and strategy to ensure Sunbury delivers what young children need for a good start in life.


As a registered paediatric nurse, Fiona’s enthusiasm for healthy happy babies and children is undeniable. Fiona provides a parent’s perspective to everything Sunbury produces, while also ensuring the business is running systematically. In addition, she provides guidance on new designs from a safety perspective.

Luke Zhong


Luke is the Manager of our Asian Operations. Luke is based in our Sunbury office in Qingdao, China. Luke’s experience and expertise is in the design, sourcing and expediting products from Asia.


Luke heads our Quality Control (QC) team to ensure Sunbury products are made to the standard that we expect and to ensure the timely delivery of our products from throughout Asia. Luke has more than 10 years experience in the Asian market.

Katrina Maguire


Katrina is our Executive Sales Manager. Bringing many years of retail experience as well as being a mum of 3, Katrina's knowledge is priceless.

Jacquie Van Niekerk


Our Sales Executive, Jacquie, ...

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