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Frequently Asked Questions


Why buy Sunbury Nursery Furniture?


Sunbury Nursery Furniture delivers peace of mind when purchasing furniture for your newborn or growing child. By combining modern designs, the highest safety standards and expert craftsmanship you can rest assured you have made the right choice.


The company is a family business that is proudly Australian owned and has been since 1970. Our cots and change tables are built and approved to Australian Standard AS2172 and all components are inspected throughout the manufacturing and assembly process.


What kind of timber is used?


Sunbury Nursery Furniture uses only quality New Zealand plantation pine timber. The timber is sent to the Sunbury Factories where it is manufactured into the wide range of Sunbury furniture. For all cots we use hoop pine clear wood which is knot free in line with the Australian standard.


What warranty does Sunbury Nursery Furniture provide?


All Sunbury cots and change tables carry a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty as testimony to the quality and longevity of the range. This warranty excludes general wear and tear and damage caused by the product not being used in accordance with its instructions or the care instructions. During the warranty period Sunbury will replace or repair any defective part. In the event of a product being replaced, as a whole unit or part thereof during the warranty period, the guarantee on the replacement will expire two years from the original purchase date.


While every attempt is made to colour match replacement parts, colour matching cannot be guaranteed. The stain/paint on the original piece may have changed with time, the wood in replacement parts may stain differently, colours change and go out of date and stains are slightly different from batch to batch.
This guarantee excludes accidental damage, misuse and or improper transporting and handling.


The warranty is void if the original product has been altered in design or colour in anyway.


How should I care for my Sunbury Nursery Furniture?


You can be sure each piece has been individually made just for you. As such, items may vary slightly and imperfections in timbers do occur. These are not manufacturing defects and are as a result of using a natural (not man-made) product.


Each item is painted with a durable, non-toxic, lead and chromate free paint which is safe for children. However, it cannot stand abnormal abuse, surfaces can be damaged by permanent markers, non-water based paints, crayons and washable markers that may contain permanent colour dyes.


Your furniture item can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and mild dishwashing liquid. Please refrain from using any cleaning products that contains alcohol or ammonia as these can dull the shiny surface. Furniture polish may be used. We recommend that you test all cleaning materials on a non-visible surface first.


What are the features of Sunbury Nursery Furniture cots?


Most of the Sunbury Cots have the following features:


  • Two-level adjustable mattress base. The first mattress level is suitable from when the baby is first born until when it begins to sit up - it is easy on your back. Once the baby beginss to sit up the mattress base needs to be lowered to the lower mattress level.

  • Easy to assemble. The only tool you need to assemble your Sunbury Cot is the Allen key we provide. When you need to store the cot it can be easily dismantled and store flat until needed again.

  • Cots convert to a first bed. Bed rails are supplied so that the drop sides can be removed to convert the cot into a toddler bed.

  • Four lockable castors. Allows for easy manoeuvring or positioning as required.

  • Adaptable. Designed to be used as a bassinette, cot and sturdy first bed.

  • Sturdy slat base. Provides greater ventilation and keeps the mattress ventilated on the underside.

  • Teething rails. Most models have teething rails to save chew marks and increase the aesthetic life of the cot.

  • Safety first. Non-toxic paint (food grade paints used in a wide variety of stains and finishes). No entrapment hazards. No sharp edges 


When should I adapt my Sunbury Nursery cot?


Stage 1  |  0 to 6 months
By purchasing a Sunbury Nursery cot and assembling the base in the high position, you are easily able to attend to your newborn baby. You no longer need to invest in the expense of a cradle, which is often only used for a few months.


Stage 2  |  6 to 18 months
Once your baby can sit up, it is very important you lower the base. This typically occurs between 3 to 6 months of age. Your Sunbury Nursery cot can now be used in its primary application. From this time your baby starts to explore its surroundings and the need to ensure your cot is safe becomes paramount. Teething can be a particularly harrowing time for parents, however you can rest assured during this time knowing that alll Sunbury Nursery cots have been painted with non-toxic paints and nearly all have teething rails.


Stage 3  |  18 to 48 months
The Sunbury Nursery cot enables you to remove one or both dropsides and replace them with bed rails to instantly create a junior bed. This defers the need to purchase a bed for several years and allows your child the freedom they are seeking at this stage. This option also gives you the comfort of knowing you can put the side straight back on if the experiment doesn't work!

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